That’s the virtuous cycle at the heart of Virtuous Bicycle’s philosophy of bike riding success; an informed rider has a better riding experience. When you enjoy your rides, you’ll ride more, your skill, fitness, and confidence will grow, leading to the ultimate benefit — a lifetime of cycling enjoyment.


Get started on your own virtuous cycle. Start with a private LEARN TO RIDE lesson. Read our BEGINNER’S CORNER articles, recognize yourself in our TRAFFIC SKILLS tutorials, or register for an upcoming SEMINAR. Riding the city is easier than you think — let us guide you in a Defensive Biking LESSON.

Lance Jacobs at Virtuous Bicycle seminarVirtuous Bicycle programs grow from the League of American Bicyclsts‘ decades-old curriculum of bike handling skill and roadway technique. To this tradition, VB overlays a New Yorker’s local knowledge. VB enables NYC bike riders to ride on any street with confidence — with or without a bike lane. We promote effective, legal, courteous roadway technique, based on responsible behavior and respect for others.

Safe cycling does not arise out of fear of traffic, but from understanding where the risks lie and taking active steps to avoid them.”

I’m Lance Jacobs, founder of Virtuous Bicycle. I love riding the city – I’ve been doing it all my life — without being honked at! Now, I want to help you get started on your Virtuous Bicycle.

See you out there!
Feb 2014
Virtuous Bicycle