VB Scrapbook: Talk offers tips for Five Boro Bike Tour

I was tremendously proud when Bike New York asked Virtuous Bicycle to conduct a session at the Bike Expo. “Group Riding 101, How to Ride with 32,000 People” offered tips for safely enjoying (and completing) the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Here’s a little scrapbook of the event.

Bike Expo New York ran for the 2 days leading up to the Five Boro Bike Tour. Over 100 vendors demonstrated and sold their innovations to the 32,000 riders gearing up for the tour.

The Learning Zone was a small theatre where biking related classes were held throughout the day.

Riding with 32,000 others has its special challenges. These smart riders were hungry for the info.

How to take a right turn with 32,000 of your best biking buddies.

Point taken – Lines at bike repair can be long!
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All that, and I Marshaled and rode the tour to the finish line in Staten Island.

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Lance Jacobs

A native New Yorker, biking has been part of my life from my paper route in 5th grade, through my international tours on 4 continents. Now, as a League Certified Instructor (LCI #3507), my focus is on studying and teaching the best way to ride in NYC's unique street environment. I love cycling and I love my city. I believe riding our streets can be stress free when approached with some solid skills, some basic knowledge, and the right frame of mind.


  1. Cris

    Hello, Lance,

    Just wanted to thank you again for the very informative presentation at the Expo this year. I actually think I saw you on the QB bridge (“two hands–two brakes!”) I’ve subscribed to your blog, so I’ll see you online!


    1. Lance Jacobs

      LOL, that’s so cool Cris! Yes, that was me on the 59th St Bridge.

      As a Course Marshal, I was stationed high up on the 59th St bridge with the instructions to tell people to slow down. As I watched the cyclists on the descent I noticed that a good percent were gripping only one brake to control their speed. And it was as likely to be the left lever as the right.

      When I saw someone doing that I would point at them and chant “Two Hands – Two Brakes, Use Both Hands, Squeeze Both Brakes” – They all responded and would get a “YES! GOOD WORK!” from my megaphone. They looked relieved to have biking’s most asked question, “Which brake am I supposed to use??”, answered at last.

      Thank you for commenting Cris, see you next year!

  2. Allan Dunlop

    What a great contribution, Lance! Kudos.

    Would have loved to have been there for the Expo and the ride. Next year?

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