About Virtuous Bicycle

About Virtuous Bicycle
“Learn – Ride – Improve – Enjoy!”

That’s the virtuous cycle at the heart of Virtuous Bicycle’s philosophy of bike riding success; an informed rider has a better riding experience. When you enjoy your rides, you’ll ride more, your skill, fitness, and confidence will grow, leading to the ultimate benefit — a lifetime of cycling enjoyment.

Virtuous Bicycle is an Advocacy and Education member of the League of American Bicyclists. Our education programs are based on the League’s decades-old program of cycling knowledge, traffic principles, bike handling skill, and roadway technique.

To this tradition, VB overlays a New Yorker’s local knowledge. VB enables NY cyclists to ride on any street with confidence — with or without a bike lane. We promote effective, legal, and courteous roadway technique, based on cooperative behavior and mutual respect.


Virtuous Bicycle StudentsLearn to Ride for Adults
It would have been easy when you were 4-years old. Now that you’re all grown up, learning to ride is a completely different challenge – you’ve got years of experience, maturity, and rational thinking to overcome!

A VB Private LTR lesson is dignified, systematic, and effective. “I do not run behind you holding you up, nor do I chase behind you yelling for you to ‘Balance!’. Instead, we’ll work through a series of exercises that will teach your mind and body what makes a bike go. At some point, it all comes together, you’re riding the bike, and you don’t even know how you did it!”


“Lance is a true teacher, it is easy to trust him and to let go of being afraid. I had tried so many times with friends. Nothing like a professional with love for teaching and a good methodology. – Fernanda, June 2015

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Virtuous Bicycle Traffic Skills Seminar

Safe cycling does not arise out of fear of traffic, but from understanding where the risks lie and taking active steps to avoid them. Workshops cover; NYC rules, Bike Lanes, Interacting and Communicating with Motorists, Common Beginner’s Mistakes; The Cyclist’s “Four Layers of Safety”, and techniques to make you Predictable, Visible, and Assertive yet Courteous to others on a busy NYC street.

As a NYC police officer who is also patrol bicycle qualified, I give my personal thumbs up to all the tips and concepts that Lance presented. If only all cyclists adopted Virtuous Bicycle’s commonsense approach to cycling in traffic, our urban roadways would not only be safer, but also friendlier.” – Officer Donald A.



Virtuous Bicycle Students

Chavie – at ease on the road

Defensive Biking – Road Lessons
We love to work one-on-one or in very small groups. Our training is personal, sensitive, dynamic, thrilling! Skill-building sessions with VB ensure that there are no gaps in your ability to confidently control your bike, to understand your place on the road, and to take that place without conflict, without stress, and without being honked at.

Visit the LESSONS page to get started on your own virtuous cycle of improved cycling skill, knowledge and enjoyment.


Lance Jacobs of Virtuous BicycleAbout Lance Jacobs
I’m Lance Jacobs, a League Certified Instructor and founder of Virtuous Bicycle. From my paper route in 5th grade through international tours on 4 continents, biking has been part of my life. Now, my focus is on studying and teaching the best way to ride in NYC’s unique street environment. I love cycling and I love my city. I believe riding our streets can be safe and stress-free when approached with some solid skills, some basic knowledge, and the right frame of mind.

Lance Jacobs
Virtuous Bicycle
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  1. Blaine

    Lance was so awesome! He was patient with me, he helped me overcome my fears and achieve my life long dream of being a cyclist. He knows what he is doing and gives very clear instructions. He made my whole experience so much fun! He is respectful, professional, and he makes you comfortable! Thank you so much Lance, I’m so happy I chose you to be my instructor and looking forward to riding with you in the future.

  2. Mark Shohet

    Hi Lance. Great job on the website! You write well, clearly explaining and enumerating your many points. I enjoyed many of your Q&As. I’m happy to write that I already employ nearly all the safety behaviors you recommend. See you at softball next season. – Mark “Sho”

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