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I love to hear from fellow cyclists about their experiences and concerns. So many of my posts start out as responses to your questions. If you've got a question or had an experience that we can all learn from, send an e-mail to Q&

Q&A: Filtering Up in Heavy Traffic

Dear VB, What do I do when there’s there’s so much traffic there’s hardly room to bike? You told me to “drive my bike”, does that mean I have to sit in traffic like a car? I thought biking would be the end traffic delays in my life? I see other bikers zigging and zagging their way through. Should I do that too?

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Q&A: Pedestrians in the Bike Lane

Dear VB “The thing I find myself having the most difficulty with is pedestrians. They don’t respond to my bell, they don’t look where they’re going, they often walk right out into the bike lane without even a thought…

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