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Understanding the dynamics of riding where there are cars

Thoughts on Rear View Bike Mirrors

Bike Mirrors

I’m an adamant mirror user; if I leave my apartment having forgotten my mirror, I go back up to get it. A bike mirror reduces that tense feeling you get from not knowing what’s coming up behind you. Increased awareness leads to a more fluid style of riding.

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Traffic Skills for NYC Bike Riders

If the last bit of bicycling education you received was when your Mom told you to “Watch out for cars”, this street-skills primer is a good place to start.

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Q&A: Filtering Up in Heavy Traffic

Dear VB, What do I do when there’s there’s so much traffic there’s hardly room to bike? You told me to “drive my bike”, does that mean I have to sit in traffic like a car? I thought biking would be the end traffic delays in my life? I see other bikers zigging and zagging their way through. Should I do that too?

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Communicate while biking in traffic

Communicate while biking in Traffic In May of 2013, WNYC started a Bike Advice project where ordinary New Yorker’s could record and upload biking tips based on their own experiences. Here’s a piece I recorded on breaking through the bubble of anonymity that can make riding in traffic so intimidating . . . I’m Lance …

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Lane Position (part 1) – The Squeeze

Thinking about LANE POSITION– The law says bicycles must ride near the right unless it is unsafe to do so. Well, aside from obvious obstructions like double parked cars and construction zones, what else might make it unsafe to ride all the way to the right? And if we must move away from the right …

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Avoiding the Right Hook

It’s called the RIGHT HOOK, and it’s one of the most startling and infuriating conflicts that cyclists experience. The Right Hook conflict occurs when a motorist makes a right turn directly in front of you, cutting you off. It’s particularly surprising because it seems like the driver should have seen you – for cryin’ out …

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Go with the Flow

Everybody knows that bikes ride in the same direction as traffic. (everybody knows that, right?) So I was surprised by a conversation I had with a softball buddy this summer. “I feel safer riding against traffic”, he said. “I like to see what’s coming at me”.

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Whack-a-Mole – Don’t be the mole

Remember the arcade game “Whack-a-Mole”? The critter would randomly pop out of one of several mole-holes giving you a brief opportunity to give him a good whack. When we ride in and out of the gaps, hiding between parked cars, we become the mole! We’re invisible to oncoming traffic until suddenly, without warning, we POP …

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