Corona Virus Response

Covid-19 Status – Lessons are suspended

Lessons remain suspended for the foreseeable future
– a message from Lance Jacobs

Dear future VB student,

I’ve been struggling to find the correct path to resuming lessons. Encouraged by NYC entering Phase 2, I began to imagine lessons during the pandemic.

We each have to make our own risk/reward decisions, and after weighing all the factors, I was left with the feeling that, for me, it was too soon.

When you book a lesson with Virtuous Bicycle, you’re booking a lesson with me, Lance Jacobs. Beyond the abstract public health considerations, for me it’s personal. Even with precautions in place, the risk is too high.

I love doing adult Learn-to-Ride. I’ve found something that I’m uniquely capable at, and I find it so rewarding. I am saddened that I’ve lost the chance to work with each of you, guiding you to that magic moment when you effortlessly mount up and ride away. But I’ll sleep better tonight having made this decision. We can live to learn another day.

If you’d like to be at the top of the list when the time is right, go ahead and submit a NEW STUDENT QUESTIONNAIRE. I’ll be sure to give you a shout when lessons resume.

Check back on this Covid-19 page for updates.

All my best,
Lance Jacobs
Virtuous Bicycle
June 23, 2020

Me and my Pandemistache
May 2020, Harlem River, NYC