Corona Virus Response


Lessons suspended for now

A message from Lance Jacobs

If you are interested in Learning to Ride this year, you are encouraged to submit the New Student Application as usual.

However, we will not be scheduling lessons for the time being. Our responsibility to ourselves and the larger NYC community calls for eliminating non-essential social contact.

When it’s appropriate to begin doing lessons again, those who have submitted applications will receive priority in selection of dates.

When the time comes, we’ll employ techniques to keep safe – we’ll wipe down the handlebars, we won’t shake hands, and when the lesson is done, only “air hugs” in celebration. VB Private Lessons are always one-on-one, limiting our exposure – plus, we’ll be out in the open air.

As I write this, I’m feeling tremendous disappointment that the joy you and I will share when you learn to ride must be postponed. I do hope to hear from you so we can work together to form a plan as we wait for this historic crisis to resolve.

Best to you and your families, and to everyone everywhere.
Lance Jacobs
March 13, 2020