Virtuous Bicycle Covid-19 Policies and Protocals
I’ll add updates when Covid news affects bike lesson policies and protocols.

UPDATE Feb 20, 2023
• Outdoor lessons
• Rational Covid-aware behavior
• You may mask during our lesson at your discretion.

UPDATE Sept 16, 2022
• Going forward, we’ll drop the vaccination requirement.
• Lance will stop reporting his at-home tests.
• You may mask during our lesson at your discretion.

UPDATE Aug 23, 2022
Proof of vaccination required
You may mask during our lesson at your discretion.

Here are my most recent results:
Tue Aug 30, 2022 NEGATIVE
Tue Aug 23, 2022 NEGATIVE
Mon Aug 08, 2022 NEGATIVE
Sun July 31, 2022 NEGATIVE
Thur July 28, 2022 NEGATIVE
Thur July 21, 2022 NEGATIVE

July 13, 2022
NYC is now in a period of HIGH COMMUNITY SPREAD.
“High Level Action:
Wear a high-quality mask in all public indoor settings and around crowds outside.
See NYC Covid Alerts on
• Virtuous Bicycle continues to require proof of vaccination from all students.
• Lance got his 2nd Booster on May 27, 2022.
• I will report periodic at-home test results on this page.
• Masking will be optional and situational, meaning, if we’re standing close together, one or both of us may mask.
• We’ll do Covid-safe greetings and use hand-sanitizer throughout the lesson.
This is how I conducted lessons during the summer of 2021, and I never got the virus.

UPDATE Feb 8, 2022
It’s still early – but things are looking good! Omicron cases are headed down, students are starting to look ahead to their summer plans, and inquiries are trickling in. Lessons will begin in late March.
I anticipate a wonderful, fully vaccinated, post Omicron season, with lots of fresh air and sunshine and biking!

UPDATE Oct 27, 2021
I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Spring 2022.
Looking forward to a post-pandemic experience, but will stay informed and follow official guidance.
See you in the spring!

AUG 20, 2021
Effective immediately – Assignment of dates for New Students is on PAUSE.

• Delta variant, breakthrough infections, and waning vaccine protection have destroyed the feeling that the Pandemic is over.
• Virtuous Bicycle is booked solid through the end of September, while Covid rates are rising each day. it seems ill-advised to make new lesson commitments so far in advance.
• Booster shots, if they come, will likely not be available until October.

For all those reasons, I am putting acceptance of New Students on pause.

You are still encouraged to review lesson info on the website, and submit the New Student Questionnaire. You will be the first to be contacted when the time is right.

We were having a wonderful post-pandemic season, with so many joyful and successful students. It was fantastic to be out in the fresh air every day, helping students achieve their bike riding dreams. I’m sure we’ll get there again, and when we do, I look forward to being your bike instructor.


AUG 2, 2021
Effective immediately – VB will only accept students who are fully vaccinated. You will be asked for an image of your CDC Vaccine card or your NY State Excelsior Pass. (Thanks Delta Variant)
As lessons are naturally held outdoors, masking will be optional.

June 24, 2021
Governor Cuomo declares the state of emergency will expire after Thursday, June 24.
NY.Gov Announcement
We’re doing our bike lessons without masks” – Lance

June 15, 2021
Governor Cuomo Announces COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted
NY.Gov Announcement
We’re doing our bike lessons without masks” – Lance