Dressing for a Cold Weather Lesson


Dressing for a Cold Weather lessonDuring the early stages of a Learn to Ride lesson, physical exertion will not be enough to keep you warm. When you become chilled you become tense, and that interferes with the learning process. Don’t approach a cold weather lesson with an intrepid spirit, instead, come prepared with a plan to keep warm.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”
-something I read somewhere.

LAYERS – the primary strategy is to build up insulation using layers of light and middle weight items, with a jacket as an outer shell. With several layers available, you can fine-tune your insulation when the sun breaks through, the wind picks up, or your exercise output changes. Remember that cotton is not an insulator – leave your sweat shirts, cotton sweaters, and tee shirts at home.

There’s more to know about layers…

WE Bike (Women’s Empowerment) on Biking in COLDER WEATHER




Dressing for a Cold Weather LessonEXTREMITIES – If your feet are cold, you’ll be cold. Start with a pair of loose fitting shoes or light weight hiking boots. You need warm socks, like wool or hiking socks. Two pair of socks, one thin and one thicker can work well. Ordinary athletic socks, low socks and anklets are out.

Gloves are pretty straightforward – bring a pair.

For your head, you’ll be wearing a helmet with a wind cover. That might be enough, though a thin balaclava can be worn under the helmet too. Ear muffs are terrific and they don’t interfere with the helmet fit.

PLAN to have an enjoyable and productive lesson. There’s more to biking than “balance”, and respecting the weather is part of it. See you at our lesson!

Lance Jacobs
Oct 26, 2016