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Taking a private lesson with Lance was the best thing that I have ever done, I’ve started going on short rides around my neighborhood, I went for my first park ride this weekend and I survived and so did all the people that were at the park, THANK YOU LANCE, YOU ARE AN AMAZING TEACHER! …

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Sara Rachel (SR)

I was genuinely fearful before working with Lance, and his methods totally broke through my fear. I learned how to respond to the natural swaying of the bike, how to turn, and how to stop. I earned my pedals in my second lesson, and felt great riding around a large park. SR – July 2019


Physical education is one subject I dread when I was younger. Somehow in my 40s, … i want to show my kids that mommy can bike so they can also start learning how to ride. Finding Lance is the best gift I ever gave to myself… He’s a great teacher, putting you at ease… finding …

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Angelica (AF)

… Friends have tried to teach me, but each time I failed miserably. I become fearful of riding…that’s until my lesson with Lance. Lance is a patient, thorough and gifted instructor. He guided me through my lesson with ease and precision. Step-by-step, I started to feel like a natural. AF, July 2017


… having friends/your husband teach you is always a terrible idea. I found the two sessions i had with lance completely *unlocking* …. cannot recommend these classes enough i found it totally worth the investment. Alyson,  Aug 2017


I travelled 6000 miles and crossed the Atlantic to take the class, coming from Kuwait to NYC. I was not sure how it would go, but I was very lucky… In 12 hours spread over 4 days I learnt how to skillfully ride and most importantly how to enjoy riding. I’m so proud of myself …

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Sara (Mom)

It would be impossible to say too many good things about Lance’s pedagogy. He has broken learning to ride down into a series of discrete, achievable skills. My daughter is really, really proud of herself, and I am so proud of her for overcoming her fears. Sara, Mom to 14 y/o “A/C”, Oct 2019


I am so happy!!!!! For years, I hated that I didn’t know how to ride and there have been so many missed opportunities. On top of that, I was so afraid to try. I am so filled with joy on this newly learned skill. Your teaching, method is amazing. I am so happy to have …

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