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A Friend tried to teach me

A Friend Tried to Teach Me The thing that well intentioned friends don’t get, is exactly how scary the idea of balancing on a bike can be for an adult. And if I had to pin-point the difference between what a friend typically does and what I do it’s this; A friend watches as you struggle, …

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Confidence II

ON CONFIDENCE  “You just need to be more confident” your friend advised, as though confidence is something you can put on like a sweater. Confidence grows from having practiced, reliable skill on the bike. “Learn, Ride, Improve, Enjoy” THAT’S how you become “confident.” Improved biking skills are a lifetime pursuit.

What to expect

WHAT TO EXPECT I don’t run behind you holding you up, nor do I chase along, yelling for you to “Balance!” Instead, we’ll work through a series of exercises that teach your mind and body what makes a bike go. At some point, it all comes together, you’re riding the bike, and you don’t even know how you did …

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HELLO! I’m 30!

Hello! I’m 30! It seems that there’s a window during which it’s acceptable to learn to ride a bike. If you don’t learn by age 10 or so; then you’re too embarrassed as a tween, too cool as a teen, too busy in college, then life sets in and – Hello! I’m 30 and I …

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Everyone Knows how to ride

“I THOUGHT EVERYONE KNEW HOW!” For those who learned as kids, riding a bike seems completely second nature. In fact, many dismiss the idea that there’s anything to learn at all… “What’s there to learn? You just balance and pedal!” I cringe when I hear comments like that! It makes those who never learned feel …

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