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You never forget… ? !!! THIS IS NOT LIVE !!!

IS IT TRUE? The last time you rode you were 9 years old. Is it true that you never forget? It’s not a matter of never forgetting – more relevant is that the skills of a child are not the skills that an adult needs to ride confidently, for longer distances, and in more complex environments.

OMG, I’m so Nervous!

I’M SO NERVOUS! I’ll tell you that EVERY adult LTR student is apprehensive at the beginning. Some have admitted to me “I considered not showing up!”  Virtually ALL have succeeded and many have shed tears of joy when they take their first pedal strokes.

I Can’t Balance

“I tried, but apparently, I have bad balance” “Bad Balance?” Well, we’ll see. Unless you’re constantly falling during daily activities, it’s likely that your sense of balance is more than adequate. “Balance” is what circus performers do. Bike riding is so much easier!

Breaking through

BREAKING THROUGH It’s not that biking itself is difficult – the challenge is working past all the misconceptions, the body tension, and the non-cyclist reflexes, until we break through to the other side. I hear this every time I get a student over the hump… “OMG”, they say, “Why didn’t I do this years ago!”

A Friend tried to teach me

A Friend Tried to Teach Me The thing that well intentioned friends don’t get, is exactly how scary the idea of balancing on a bike can be for an adult. And if I had to pin-point the difference between what a friend typically does and what I do it’s this; A friend watches as you struggle, …

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Confidence II

ON CONFIDENCE  “You just need to be more confident” your friend advised, as though confidence is something you can put on like a sweater. Confidence grows from having practiced, reliable skill on the bike. “Learn, Ride, Improve, Enjoy” THAT’S how you become “confident.” Improved biking skills are a lifetime pursuit.

What to expect

WHAT TO EXPECT I don’t run behind you holding you up, nor do I chase along, yelling for you to “Balance!” Instead, we’ll work through a series of exercises that teach your mind and body what makes a bike go. At some point, it all comes together, you’re riding the bike, and you don’t even know how you did …

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HELLO! I’m 30!

Hello! I’m 30! It seems that there’s a window during which it’s acceptable to learn to ride a bike. If you don’t learn by age 10 or so; then you’re too embarrassed as a tween, too cool as a teen, too busy in college, then life sets in and – Hello! I’m 30 and I …

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Everyone Knows how to ride

“I THOUGHT EVERYONE KNEW HOW!” For those who learned as kids, riding a bike seems completely second nature. In fact, many dismiss the idea that there’s anything to learn at all… “What’s there to learn? You just balance and pedal!” I cringe when I hear comments like that! It makes those who never learned feel …

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