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Thoughts on Rear View Bike Mirrors

Bike Mirrors

I’m an adamant mirror user; if I leave my apartment having forgotten my mirror, I go back up to get it. A bike mirror reduces that tense feeling you get from not knowing what’s coming up behind you. Increased awareness leads to a more fluid style of riding.

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Bike Gears – and why you love them

Make friends with your gears! The gears on your bike allow you to control how much pressure it takes to turn the pedals. By using your gears to “dial-in” the perfect match between your body and your bike, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits (and none of the soreness) that you want from your rides.

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Avoiding the Right Hook

It’s called the RIGHT HOOK, and it’s one of the most startling and infuriating conflicts that cyclists experience. The Right Hook conflict occurs when a motorist makes a right turn directly in front of you, cutting you off. It’s particularly surprising because it seems like the driver should have seen you – for cryin’ out …

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Go with the Flow

Everybody knows that bikes ride in the same direction as traffic. (everybody knows that, right?) So I was surprised by a conversation I had with a softball buddy this summer. “I feel safer riding against traffic”, he said. “I like to see what’s coming at me”.

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